Dive into a world where technology meets excellence with ALPS EXCLUSIVE. Our advanced HVAC systems are designed not only to provide optimal comfort but also to redefine efficiency and sustainability in the industry. Crafted with precision and driven by innovation, our products consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible in heating and cooling solutions. Each component is a testament to our dedication to quality, ensuring reliability and longevity for our customers. Whether it’s the intuitive features, energy-saving capabilities, or the seamless integration with modern infrastructures, ALPS EXCLUSIVE is truly shaping the future of HVAC technology. Join us on this exciting journey towards a smarter, greener, and more comfortable tomorrow.

Experience the future today with ALPS EXCLUSIVE’s cutting-edge HVAC technology.

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If you are exploring options to heat and cool your home or reduce your energy bills, you might want to consider a ALPS EXCLUSIVE heat pump. ALPS EXCLUSIVE uses a proven and reliable technology for their heat pumps to provide year-round comfort control for your home by supplying heat in the winter, cooling in the summer, and in some cases heating hot water for your home.


ALPS EXCLUSIVE offers effective energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Heat production is safe and economical due to its integrated hot water heater, immersion heater, circulation pump, and the climate system in the indoor unit.

  1. An outdoor unit takes in heat from the ambient air and transfer it to a coolant
  2. A compressor increases the temperature of the coolant
  3. The coolant transfers the heat to a hot water reserve tank via a heat exchanger (the heat exchanger is not necessary in some cases.)
  4. Hot water is circulated to radiators and faucets
  5. Cold water is transported back to the tank
  6. The coolant is transferred from the tank to the outdoor unit


ALPS EXCLUSIVE have widened their choice of styles using an innovative screwless design, forming an almost inseparable unit. Our innovative design is achievable through ALPS committed expertise in the use of additive technology.

The appearance of the screw less design ensures the overall craftsmanship of the product.


ALPS EXCLUSIVE heat pumps can operate even in the coldest winter conditions without derivative heat, maintaining a pleasant indoor temperature even when the outdoor temperatures drop below -25. ALPS EXCLUSIVE heat pumps could recude heating and cooling costs by somewhere between 60 to 100 percent.



ALPS EXCLUSIVE uses special high-efficiency and high compression ratio Panasonic or Hitachi compressors, an internationally famous brand with low vibration and low noise, combined with ultra-low temperature jet enthalpy increasing technology, not only can it normally run at an ambient temperature of -30°C, but the maximum outlet water temperature of the unit is up to 60°C. To achieve high water temperature and hot water output. It makes the R32 and R290 domestic air source heat pump can even provide heating protection in severe cold areas.


ALPS EXCLUSIVE heat pumps are provided with the latest enhanced vaper injection (EVI) technology. The EVI technology adopts two-stage throtthle intermediate jet technology. The gas-liquid separation is carried out by using a flash steamer to achieve the enthalpy effect. It is mixed and cooled by jetting while compressing at low and medium pressure, and than normal compression at high pressure to increase the exhaust volume of the compressor and achieve the purpose of improving the heating capacity in the low temperature environment .

Our EVI technology can operate stable in the evironment as low as -30℃. With our inverter compressor, the heating capacity can be increased by up to 45%.


The space where the compressor is located adopts a fully enclosed design. The entire whole is treated with suction and sound insulation. The internal sheet metal is pasted with PU wave sound-absorbing cotton, which effectively absorbs and blocks the high, medium and low frequencies of the compressor operating sound.

The entire compressor is wrapped with sound-aborbing materials. The triple noise reduction measures of sound absorption, sound insulation and buffering ensure low-noise while operating.


A lot of our heat pumps are placed in cold environments, which means that our defrosting system has to work as good as possible. We make use of a four-way valve intelligent reversing defrost system. Which has multi-point control, fast defrosting speed and multi-point comprehensive control of time and temperature. This recude’s the defrosting time and promotes the unit operating efficiency.


ALPS EXCLUSIVE heat pumps are provided of AutoTune technology. In the first days of usage the heat pump will learn your system and optimize it self for the best efficiency.

With this system there is almost no need to optimize manually. As a result, the heat.